Golang is a strong alternative to python.

Python is as popular as ever, and many newcomers come to python due to the low barrier to entry and versatility of the language. It is easy to hear the great things about python of which there are many. But sometimes python is not good enough. If you are concerned with any of the following factors then consider porting part of your code to golang. With that in mind, let us begin.


Let's start with the major elephant in the room that every Python programmer need to face sometime. Consider this simple code:

Learn Qt by visualizing the sorting algorithm

A picture is worth a thousand words

Less than mediocre GUI using QT

I recently started learning data structure and algorithms. For someone who came from non-computer science background, and a self taught coder, its hard for me to understand the algorithms. So I thought why not visualize it. I was initially planning to use react, then I thought using PyQt in python, but the common problem with them is that they are dynamically typed and not a good place to learn DSA. I wanted to learn C but GUI in C leaves lot to be desired. So I…

Calling Python in the Robot framework.

robot framework report

Since the Robot framework is built on top of Python, importing Python modules inside the Robot framework is a simple process. It allows tremendous flexibility to your code and helps you create your own custom keywords that are better suited for your task than its robot counterparts.

Learning Robot framework’s keywords is not worth your cognitive power unless the company you’re working for has specially told you to use pure Robot keywords, in which case, may God bless you. For most of our test cases, we would prefer to write the logic in Python…

Create simple game in react and host it for free in github


According to stack overflow 2020 developer survey, React.js is the second most popular web framework behind only jQuery, and is the top most framework that developers want to learn. This article assumes that you know basics of react.js like jsx, props and hooks. Even if you don’t know you can follow the steps and gain exposure. For code as reference you can see here. For demo you can see here


If you are new to node then download it from here. Once that is out of the way…

Going from single container to multi containers

Dockerfile and docker-compose.ymal

Lets talk about our life before docker. You just created an awesome code, and it works flawlessly in your system. Maybe your friend asked you for code, maybe you want to share to other team members, but alas, its not working in their system. Now you spend hours debugging the issue. Maybe it was a dependency that you overlooked cause it was used in another project, or there was another package interfering with the one your using, or the versioning issue and so on. …

Make the report you want to make.

Bland pytest HTML report

They say that half the work is doing something, and the other half is advertising. You would have spent hours writing unique and critical test cases to increase the reliability of the system. If you spend a little more time, then you can create a proper report for your pytest runs, customized to your need.

With this, you can broadcast the report to your manager or team member, use it for presentation or self-analysis, or even save it later for analyzing regression. This article assumes that you are slightly familiar with basic pytest…

Why use tools when you can create your own.

When you run px aux we can see multiple status.


We will try to gather few data from here by reading the proc files in linux system:

  • In Linux, Each process is given a unique PID.
  • CPU% shows the cpu utilized by the given process.
  • The name of process are shown in COMMAND.
  • TIME is the time in seconds from when the system was running.

This articles is increment over this article.

/proc/PID -> list of pid

Try the following command in terminal to filter…

Start writing your test cases in the robot framework by learning basics from this introductory article.

Log.html in robot framework

The robot framework is built on top of python. It is data driven and keyword driven and is used for Acceptance-test driven development tools. As we move forward in the article we will gloss over the terms naturally in the article to understand it better. Before we start the best way to learn robot is from the main website https://robotframework.org/robotframework/latest/RobotFrameworkUserGuide.html#id596.


My assumption is python and pip are already installed in your system. …

Allowing docker container to share data or communicate between each other and outside application using few basic commands

docker file

Docker containers are like your babies. You made them, you take care of them, and you want to protect them from the outside world. Outside world is scary after all, all the bad things you can think of is in outside world. But as a mature parent you make a decision that you should be too restrictive. Docker allows you to explicitly expose little to the outside world as you need.

This article is in continuation to the below article. I assume…

Introduction to docker basics with “Hello, world” in python


Docker is an open-source platform that allows your code to run in an isolated environment from your infrastructure. It's lightweight and takes care of all your dependencies. According to the Stack overflow developers survey of 2020, docker is the second most beloved platform after Linux and the most wanted platform for new developers.

In this article, we will be learning the basics of docker for beginners a step at a time. …


I like computer and programming. I am currently trying to learn how to write articles for sharing what I know.

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